Jason McKenna for 
          New Jersey State Assembly

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Why Vote Libertarian?

     "Libertarians are neither "left wing" nor "right wing".  We strive to find common ground with voters and representatives, on both sides of the aisle. A libertarian candidate provides a reasonable alternative to the career Republicans and Democrats who often favor party loyalty over their constituents' freedoms."  - Jason McKenna

"I just want to give a nod to a gentleman on my Facebook contact list.  Mr. Jason McKenna.  Of everyone that comes into my timeline, I can be confident that his posts, when dealing with the current political landscape, are 100% free of bias or name calling, and are rooted in pure fact.  These days, that is such a lost quality in discourse, and it is beyond refreshing.  His comments are those of an individual who values non partisan sanity, over loyalty or hatred for a candidate.  Everyone should take a lesson from this man's conversational playbook.  If the citizens of this nation would bring a mere fraction of this philosophy to the table during conversations about the state of our union, we would all benefit.  God bless you sir.  I am proud to call you my friend."

- Jayme Palaszeski