Jason McKenna for 
          New Jersey State Assembly

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About the Issues


  • As Assemblyman, I will oppose any bill that would increase state and local spending through tax dollars.
  • I support bills that decrease spending, and reduce taxes.
  • I support bills that bring about real tax reform.  I would eliminate income and property tax if possible.

Equal Rights:

  • I support bills that treat all people equally, and would not infringe on personal freedoms or liberties.
  • I oppose any bill that favors one group over another.
  • I oppose any bill which would favor one business entity, at the expense of another.
  • I oppose "cronyism".

Government Reform:

  • I will work hard to minimize or eliminate federal overreach into the State and Local levels of government, and restore State sovereignty to the people of New Jersey.
  • I will work with the Legislature, and the Executive branch to find solutions which would separate federal oversight into State based programs, and reduce or eliminate the need for federal subsidies into State and local programs.
  • I want State fiscal independence to reduce federal control.

State Infrustructure:

  • New Jersey's roads require major improvements.  Although we currently spend over two million dollars per mile, New Jersey remains ranked 49th in the nation, when weighing the overall cost to quality ratio.