Jason McKenna for 
          New Jersey State Assembly

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About Jason McKenna

 A resident of Oakland in Bergen County, New Jersey, I was born and raised in rural Michigan.  I was brought up to value independence and self-reliance.  Having paid my own way (without any loans or grants), I graduated with a degree in Business from Washtanaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  

My  wife and I were married in 2007, and moved to Bergen County after our son was born.  We are part of three generations of family living within the district .  My wife was raised in Upper Saddle River, and our extended family still lives in various towns throughout the area. 

Both of my parents ran for office on the Libertarian ticket, in the early years of the party.  My father owned a successful business for over forty years, however the changing business climate, coupled with increased regulations and taxes, forced him to downsize and restructure.

My career as a touring stagehand has given me the opportunity to travel the entire United States, and work closely with the people who live in both the large cities, and small towns which populate our vast country.  These experiences have given me a unique understanding of how different regulatory standards and taxes affect the cost of living, and the ease of economic mobility.

My ties to the community run deep, as our family has lived here for forty years. I care very much about the direction of our district, and will work as hard as I can to provide the best future possible for my son, and family.

Thank you,

 - Jason McKenna